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Ice Fishing Derby | Live Music | Kinabik Discovery Village

February 13-15 2021

Ice Fishing on Sylvan Lake

Those little huts in the distance peppering the lake are ice fishing shacks! Ice fishing is a beloved winter activity in Sylvan Lake. Shacks can be solid structure or pop-up tents. Solid structure shacks are made from trailers, sheds, or flatbeds. They are often modified and show off the creativity of the owner. Shacks are towed out onto the ice for the season creating a cozy little getaway for fishing walleye, burbot, whitefish, and perch. These are often heated inside and can even be decked out for comfort!

Ice fishing tents are usually a dark color that attracts the sun and heats up the air inside. They can be very cozy!

Fancy fishing shacks are all the rage, but a simple fisher can sit out in the elements bundled up with just his road and chair and catch all the same!

Winter Equipment Rentals

Are the Lake Skating Rinks open?

Lake skating rinks are open, with a brand new third rink opened for this year. Enjoy the winter village lights on the pier as well as color changing light embedded in the ice rink surface. Lights run from 5pm-11pm daily from December through March. 

Access the rinks at Lakeshore Drive and 49 street. On-ice parking available as well as benches to put skates on. Off peak times are during the week and when the weather is on the chilly side. For other outdoor rinks throughout Sylvan Lake, see a full list here.

Bring your own skates and glide out onto the frozen lake! Stop for hot chocolate along Lakeshore Drive afterwards to warm up chilly fingers.



Having two feet out on the open lake ice is really, really cool. It’s the thrill of standing firmly in a place that altogether doesn’t exist the rest of the year.

For three short months, water becomes frosty, sparkling winter terrain skirting the shores of a lake town that equally pulses with love of the outdoors and softens to a quieter pace throughout the season.

Better bundle up – it’s time to get out there.

Winter at the Lake

Under the Lights

At the Winter Village

Every December, the annual Winter Village holiday light show illuminates the Sylvan Lake Pier. The yearly light-up has become a dazzling tradition for Sylvan Lake with the Winter Village nestled on the lakefront in the heart of the downtown.

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4 Activities For Winter Family Fun

Family Friendly Winter Fun

From skating to marvelous lights to tobogganing to holiday sweets - Sylvan Lake has all your classic winter family fun activities in a beautiful holiday setting.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Best Activities for Staying Indoors

Axe throwing, a steam bath and spa, indoor BMX park, shopping, swimming and more - there's so much to do indoors on a cold day in Sylvan Lake.

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Nexsource Aquatic Centre

Local Swimming Pool

Stay warm, active, and joyful over the colder winter months with a trip to the swimming pool! Bring the whole family down to Sylvan Lake’s Nexsource Aquatic Centre.

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Ice Fishing for Beginners

Ever wonder how to ice fish? Ice fishing season begins December 11, 2020 on Sylvan Lake! If you’ve new to the sport, check out these basics on Learn to Ice Fish from the Alberta Conservation Association.

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Nearby Trails

Alberta Parks’ Jarvis Bay Provincial Park

Take a winter trek through the nature of Alberta Parks’ Jarvis Bay Provincial Park! This Park has snowy trails throughout. Dress warm and take a map to follow along this trail system.

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Downloadable Central Alberta Brews & Chews Tour

Take a tour of Central Alberta's craft beer and gourmet food scene with our Brews & Chews downloadable pdf map. Complete the tour at your own pace, or use it as inspiration to get to know the local beer and food scene.

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Consider Yourself Invited

Welcome to Sylvan Lake, where hospitality has been a way of life since the first cottages, dance halls and boat houses that sprang up more than a hundred years ago. Rich in history with the start of a lumber mill business in the late 1800’s, the tourism community grew as an escape to experience the resort community.

Today, the lake continues to be a vibrant recreational playground. Come out and enjoy the serenity and warmth of a small town community nestled amongst the trees. Gather with friends and family to go on a winter adventure… spend the day at the lake, explore the forests and wilderness, walk through and shop our quaint boutiques and enjoy the culinary scene with the tastes of our beautiful community.

Experience Sylvan Lake.



Sylvan Lake Experiences


Spooktacular October

From pumpkin carving contests, to a fall food tour, to spooky outdoor movies - there's lots happening this month in Sylvan Lake!

Consider yourself invited, download our spooktacular guide to October in Sylvan Lake.


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Fall Foods Tour

Experience delicious fall foods all month long throughout October.

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