Lakeshore Drive

Restaurants, shops, and sweet treats line the beach on Lakeshore Drive. This iconic strip is home to lakeside patios, cool drinks, and amazing food.

Sylvan Lake’s Iconic Lakeshore Drive

Made popular for its sweeping sunset views and beachfront patio dining, Lakeshore Drive is synonymous with Sylvan Lake. During the daytime, rooftop patios and cool drinks abound on family friendly decks serving familiar favorites. In the evening, outdoor fire tables and specialty cocktails pair with chef-inspired dishes against the fading light. Stick around for after dark DJ tunes and live music, bar hopping down the strip.


Summer is patio season in Sylvan Lake. Sipping a cool drink and enjoying a casual meal on an outdoor patio is part of the fun of a laid-back beach vacation. There are many lake-view outdoor patios to choose from along Sylvan Lake’s Lakeshore Drive.


The pedestrian-friendly 1.6 km waterfront promenade is a delight in every season. The path is well-lit and picturesque, passing beach areas, Centennial Park, shops and attractions. In summer, the promenade takes you past landscaped gardens, flowers and trees, across the public beach, and through more wild natural areas. Follow it from the lighthouse in the west to the end of the beach in the east.

Centennial Park - Lakeshore Drive Sylvan Lake

The Sylvan Lake Lighthouse

Lighthouses are cool, but there aren’t many of them in landlocked Alberta. Sylvan Lake’s iconic wooden lighthouse is a symbol of the community and makes pretty photos. Colour-changing lights make it stand out as you walk the promenade or drive along Lakeshore Drive.


Walk or drive down Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake in summer and you’ll see brightly coloured beach toys on display in many lakefront shops. You’ll also find beach towels, sand pails, beach toys, swimsuits, flipflops, sunglasses, insulated cups and anything else you need for a great day at the beach. Even if you think you’re all set, it’s fun to pop into the shops and find something you didn’t know you needed.

This beautiful 5-acre day use area is at the heart of Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan lake and provides direct access to the beach inside the provincial park. There’s a playground, washrooms, picnic tables, picnic shelters, benches, chairs and plenty of greenspace where you can relax and watch the sun set over the water. In summer, buskers and beach vendors add a festive vibe to the park.

Grabbing a cone by the beach is a summer must-do. Find DQ a block from the beach and visit the Big Moo ice cream parlour. Be sure to stop and get your selfie with the Big Moo Cow!
Sylvan Lake Bike RidingImage
May 14, 2021

Beachside Patios

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Beachside PatiosNowhere does patio weather like Sylvan Lake, and Lakeshore Drive is the perfect place for it! Unbelieveable views of the sunset in the evenings and beachside dining during the day. These are spots you have to check out!La...

May 14, 2021

Summertime Family Adventure Spots

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Family Adventure SpotsEverybody loves a beach day. But don’t waste it sitting in one place! Within easy walking distance along the beach are too many great activities and things to see!The Sylvan Lake LighthouseThe Sylvan Lake lighthouse...

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