Cooking class at Party Chef

Business Spotlight: Think Party Chef for locally made treasures and culinary classes

Party Chef Market & Ktichen is the spot for unique handmade items!

A unique space with locally made and Canadian produced delights.

Party Chef Market & Kitchen is the ultimate year-round destination for garden-fresh, farm-to-table groceries, meal kits and cooking classes. You won’t regret stopping by on your next trip to Sylvan Lake!

Immerse yourself in the spirit of community at Party Chef's artisan market, experiential kitchen, and culinary classes. Collaboration and strong partnerships are key to success for this Sylvan Lake small business.

“We have a beautiful artisan market where local creators can make their own things and sell them in the store. We also have an 800-square foot kitchen where we offer cooking classes as well as make food we sell in the store,” says Chef Lydia Neergaard.

Chef Lydia Neergaard, Party Chef Market Owner.

A Grassroots approach to the marketplace

Party Chef is committed to a grassroots approach where the community itself takes the spotlight. Within the artisan market everything is made locally or within Canada including a variety of in-house created frozen meals. Think indoor farmer’s market and you’ll have an idea of what treasures can be found at Party Chef.

“We give local artisans a place to display their products and we all work together as a team. If they are successful, we are successful,” Lydia said.

Party Chef has a variety of unique artisanal products to choose from such as clocks, jewelry, one-of-a-kind art to charcuterie boards and more. The store also features a selection of Canadian made products from red wine vinegar to chocolate and organic flour. Strolling through the aisles at Party Chef is an experience in all things uniquely Canadian.

Lydia said the store focuses on seasonal eating and she vets every single producer herself by visiting the farms and connecting with artisans. With sustainability in mind, Lydia ensures packaging is compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable. The goal is creating a sustainable space for all to enjoy.

The market also includes a space dedicated to youth artisans. Lydia runs a mentorship program for local budding entrepreneurs that results in high quality one-of-a-kind products.

The Party Chef Market artisan products.

Shop Sylvan Lake in an exciting, sustainable way!

Along with great shopping, the heart of Party Chef comes down to an experience. Lydia runs a variety of cooking classes and workshops for the young and “young at heart.” You can sign up for a class in Party Chef’s 800 square foot kitchen or host a class in your home. Different classes run each week and Lydia said it’s become a community hub for aspiring home chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Education is an important part of the Party Chef business model - recipes and cooking techniques are freely shared, both in one’s home and through programming in the "experiential" kitchen.

“We prepare everything for our students so all you need to do is show up. The goal of the cooking classes is showing people they can make these things with what they have. They don’t need all the fancy equipment. I even show them how to make pasta with empty bottles instead of rolling pins,” Lydia said. “It’s about keeping food simple and fun.”

The best part of every class? Students get to bring everything they make home. Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate team building event, Party Chef can cater to a variety of groups. The community hub offers birthday party packages as well as event space for parties.

“Bring a bunch of people and we will make amazing food from scratch. Eat together and hang out or play some games. We have a great space for events,” Lydia said.

For more information, follow Party Chef on social media @PartyLikeAChef and through the website