Fall at the Lake


Give a small town 'welcome' to the autumn season! Sylvan Lake is full of charm when the leaves go gold.


Catching the last of the Farmer's Markets, checking out the local art, and trying delicious foods!
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Stroll Downtown Sylvan Lake

There’s nothing better than strolling through a small Canadian town exploring local boutiques and shops. Alberta’s favourite beach town has fascinating history, distinctive heritage buildings and unique locally owned shops with goods you might have trouble finding elsewhere.
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May 14, 2021

Beachside Patios

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Beachside PatiosNowhere does patio weather like Sylvan Lake, and Lakeshore Drive is the perfect place for it! Unbelieveable views of the sunset in the evenings and beachside dining during the day. These are spots you have to check out!La...

May 14, 2021

Summertime Family Adventure Spots

2021SSNB-Home, Attractions, Beach and Paddle, Boating, Fishing and Watersports, Camping and Cottages, Hiking, Walking and Biking, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Recreation, Sightsee, Spring & Summer, Waterfront District

Family Adventure SpotsEverybody loves a beach day. But don’t waste it sitting in one place! Within easy walking distance along the beach are too many great activities and things to see!The Sylvan Lake LighthouseThe Sylvan Lake lighthouse...

Consider Yourself Invited

Welcome to Town!
Beyond the quiet beach, you'll find Sylvan's great poplars awash in gold! Fall rolls into town at a quieter, slower pace to reveal it's small town charm. Hop along Lakeshore Drive and Centennial Street finding hearty, warm dishes and boutique shops. Some favorite local art is hidden on the sides of shops and down alleyways. Not one to let a season go by without having a rip-roaring good time, check out Sylvan Lake's fall events! Fall is short - so seize the day and grab some apple cider, and head out of the city and into town!