Boating and Watersports


Sylvan Lake's freshwater Lake makes it ideal for boating, sailing, and all types of watersports! A true boater's paradise.

spend the day on the water

Boating on Sylvan lake

You can’t beat boating for a quintessential Sylvan Lake activity. Boating and water sports are especially popular on the lake for its depth and calm. From fishing boats to motor boats, and sail boats to even houseboats, Sylvan Lake is perfect for cruising and enjoying a day out on the water.

For families and beginners, tubing and knee-boarding are great beginner and group boating activities! Where waterskiing and wakeboarding used to make up most high-power watersports, wake surfing has become one of the most popular activities.

While Alberta doesn’t have Hawaii’s North Shore pipeline to surf, we make our own waves! Wake surfing is the in-land version of regular surfing. Using boats with ballast systems, the boats create powerful waves for surfers to surf hands-free on the wave of the wake created behind the motor boat.

For more chill days on the lake, houseboats and pontoon boats can often be spotted floating lazily. These flat-deck boats are perfect for a little sun tanning and group gatherings.

Zoom across the lake by jet-ski or hone your skills at a watersport! Sylvan Lake is the perfect place for it.


RENT BOATS: Find boat rentals for pontoon boats and motorboats at both The Launch and Sun Sport Recreation

RENT EQUIPMENT: Tubes, wakeboards, waterskis and more can be rented at The Launch from the Boat & Brew.

RENT PADDLE EQUIPMENT: For paddle rentals like paddleboats, paddleboards, and kayaks, visit The Launch, Sun Sport Recreation, Nomads, and Castaway Adventure Fishing.


Sylvan Lake has one boat launch and it is full service! The Launch including the Boat & Brew café features a cement ramp launch, on-water boat fuel service, and retails café items, sundries,  and watersports gear.

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