Beach and Paddle


Autumn was made for adventure seekers; a quieter pace and the time to explore deeply


Sylvan Lake's beachfront is lined by poplar trees. Come autumn, the lake is awash in gold, crowned in yellow leaves. The beach in autumn is the perfect stop for fall photos, relaxing walks on the beach by the waves, and eating or playing outside in picnic areas, parks, playgrounds, and trails!

Sylvan Lake Beachfront


There are two big groomed grass parks, Centennial Park and Lakefront Park, ideal for playing a game of catch, soccer, and picnicking. Families can find two large public washrooms facilities along the beach as well as picnic tables and picnic shelters in Centennial Park. Along the sidewalk and in public parks, many Adirondack chairs and benches lend places to stop for a rest.


Lakeshore Drive runs along the beach and has many drop-off zones to unload beach gear and family members before finding a parking spot. Dogs are permitted to walk on the sidewalk along the beach but are not permitted on grass areas. Lakeshore Drive has three large parking lots for visitor day parking.

Sylvan Lake Beachfront
Be sure to head across the street to Sylvan Lake’s iconic Lakeshore Drive for ice cream, restaurant patios, beach toys, and a bite to eat!


Sylvan Lake is a picturesque spot to throw your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard into the lake and paddle along. Check out wildlife, secluded bays, and activity along the shoreline. Don't have your own equipment? Rent from one of the providers in town.

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