Business Spotlight: Natural Solutions Health Store – Sylvan Lake’s health hub

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Sylvan Lake’s Natural Solutions Health Store is helping visitors and residents stick to healthy habits – even on while on vacation. Sunny days at the beach and lakeside vacations doesn’t mean you need to abandon your wellness routine completely.

Located in the heart of Sylvan Lake’s downtown, Natural Health Solutions is a health hub with a juicer, naturopath, Bowen Therapy, massage, retail, homeopathy and more. For owner Dawn Wickberg, health and wellness is a passion.

Since the shop opened, Wickberg said she has received a positive and encouraging response from the community.

“We have become a health hub with everything from Bowen therapy, reflexology, live blood analysis, breast thermography and a juicer. We are more than meets the eye,” Wickberg said.


Natural Health Solutions has everything

Wickberg is no rookie when it comes to the natural food and wellness game. Since taking over operations in 2013, Natural Solutions has become a popular go-to for organic options and curated natural products to suit all dietary needs and choices.

When people come in, we can connect them to what they need and direct them to the right products or services,” Wickberg added. “We are a block off the beach and visitors are pleasantly surprised by what they find here.”

Natural Solutions Health Store aims to be a one-stop destination for health and wellness. It has curated everything you need for your wellness regimen from supplements to a Kombucha refill station. Whether you’re just starting a routine or looking to add to your wellness program, there is something for everyone. Along with health products, the store also holds classes in everything from homeopathy to sour dough making.

“As soon as I heard of Wild Brew, I asked for a kombucha keg in store. I love supporting these great artisans and experts. It creates a more wholistic experience for our customers,” Wickberg said.


Sylvan Lake's longest standing health store

Trained in-store staff provide personalized advice and guidance to help individuals achieve their wellness goals. The goal is not only to offer a wide range of products but also to provide personalized support and guidance to customers.

Whether it is someone off the beach or a long-time local, Wickberg and her staff love helping people and seeing them flourish. As the longest standing health store in Sylvan Lake, Wickberg said the rewards just keep getting better.

“I can’t even keep track of the people who’ve come back and told us that this product or service was incredible. Or that it made a huge difference to their health,” Wickberg said. “It is the most rewarding part of this business. That feedback is gold.”

Natural Solutions Health Store is a friendly face where visitors can grab an electrolyte drink or other healthy beach day alternatives. Wickberg insists the secret to Natural Solutions success is the selection of products and services in store as well as her caring staff.

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