Winter Adventures in Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Winter in Sylvan Lake is one of the best kept secrets in Alberta. Sylvan Lake is a popular summer sun destination, but there are many fun outdoor adventures to enjoy in the colder months too. A winter visit is all about being active, enjoying the great outdoors and having new adventures. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can do in Sylvan Lake in winter.

Ice Skating

There are three ice rinks off of Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake – the perfect place for ice skating or a game of shinny. There’s free parking on the ice and benches to sit on while you tie up your skates or take a break. If you skate after dark, you’ll enjoy unique color changing lights under the ice surface. It’s one of the most unique skating experiences in Alberta and it’s free!

Sylvan Lake Ice Slide

Every year in mid-February, a giant ice slide is constructed near the beach and the lake skating rinks in Sylvan Lake. It’s fantastic fun for kids and all those who are kids at heart. It’s Instagram paradise and it’s free fun for all ages.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is fantastic winter fun for all ages and Sylvan Lake is one of the best places for beginners to try it out. You can rent fishing gear and a warm ice shack with everything you need including a fishcam, bait and lures right in Sylvan Lake. The lake is home to trophy-sized pike, walleye, whitefish, perch and burbot. Whether you’re watching fish swim by the fishcam, relaxing in a heated ice fishing shack, enjoying a bonfire on the ice or reeling in a big one, you’ll love ice fishing at Sylvan Lake.


Winter walks are more fun when you’re wearing snowshoes. You can conquer deep snow and rugged terrain and have a real adventure when you’re snowshoeing in Sylvan Lake. Rent snowshoes and hiking poles in the town of Sylvan Lake.


Snowkarts are a new way to play in Sylvan Lake in winter. Part go-kart and part snowmobile, these rugged little machines will tackle any kind of terrain and are an intriguing way to race around the lake in winter. Rent a snowkart in Sylvan Lake and get ready to have some fun.

Snow Bikes

Pedal assist electric snow bikes have a blade on the front and treads for traction to help you glide through all kinds of winter terrain. You can rent a snow bike in Sylvan Lake and go for a spin on the lake.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a popular activity in central Alberta in winter. You’ll find trails in Jarvais Bay Provincial Park and more track set trails in nearby Red Deer.

Glittery Winter Walks

From December through March, Sylvan Lake glitters from dusk until dawn with more than 300,000 sparkling lights. Walk the trail along the pier and pass below beautiful lighted archways and past lovely lit displays.

Winter Equipment Rentals

Visit Sunsport Recreation in Sylvan Lake to rent winter sports equipment. You can rent snowshoes, hiking poles, ice fishing gear and ice fishing huts, snowkarts and snow bikes.