Christmas under the Lights

Christmas under the Lights


Every December, the annual Winter Village holiday light show illuminates the Sylvan Lake Pier. The
yearly light-up has become a dazzling tradition for Sylvan Lake with the Winter Village nestled on the
lakefront in the heart of the downtown. 304,000 LED lights go into the Winter Village that glow, twinkle, dance, and change color in the trees overhead.

Walk the trail around the pier, lined by lit up illuminated archways and the Christmas Tree Parade.
Check out 45 mini Christmas trees dotting the pathway, each sponsored and uniquely decorated by a
local business or organization who compete to be the best decorated tree. Kids can have fun chasing the
moving lights and playing in the snow while the adults find the perfect spot for a holiday photo.
Take in the atmosphere under the lights every day throughout the winter season. On weekends,
experience a dancing light show set to music and the magic as the sun sets over the lake, leaving the
winter village aglow.

Free Event | December-March dusk till dawn
Sylvan Lake Pier at Lakeshore Drive and 50 Street
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  • Bundle up! A good toque and mittens are needed to keep out the chilly wind coming off the lake
  • Bring a buddy: The Winter Village is even more magical for families or couples. Children delight
    in the lights overhead, and it’s a great spot for a holiday couples photo
  • Stay toasty and bring along a hot chocolate from one of the downtown coffee spots
  • Pro tip: underneath the lit pathway arches is a prime photo spot
  • Make a walk in the Winter Village an annual family tradition!