Experience the thrill of Ice Dragon Boats

 Dragon Boat Festival hitting the ice

Summer meets winter for the first time in Western Canada with the Sylvan Lake Ice Dragon Boat Festival, February 10 to 11.

While boating evokes images of warm summer days on the water, the Sylvan Lake Ice Dragon Boat Festival is giving the sport a winter facelift. Grab your coziest toque and head to the lake, where 12-person boats equipped with skate-like blades race across the ice. Forget traditional paddles, this exciting sport uses spiked oars and a whole lot of excitement!

The event is free to watch, and teams consist of eight to sixteen paddlers plus a steer person and a drummer, racing along a 100-metre track. It’s the first event of its kind in Western Canada and has drawn athletes from all over the country.

Sylvan Lake’s iconic ice slide is expected to be complete for kids and all those who are kids at heart. Escape from the ordinary and have a little Ice Dragon Boat fun!

Grab your friends and get ready to row!


You can experience the thrill of the race too. There’s still time to sign up as an individual or a team so gather your rowdiest friends, coworkers, or family members.

The event is open to anyone over the age of 13, with parental consent required for those under 18. Registration is open until February 3 with prizes for everything from the best-dressed team to the wildest team spirit.

Each team will have an opportunity to participate in two races with trophies and medals for each category.  Teams can book a 30-minute practice time on Friday, February 10 with actual races slated for Saturday, February 11.

Volunteer for the most unique event in Western Canada

The Sylvan Lake Dragon Boat Festival has something for everyone. Volunteers are welcome in various positions, including Finish Line Technicians, Racecourse Marshals and Runners. Interested volunteers can find more information at sylvanlake.ca/volunteer.