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The joy of destination shopping in Sylvan Lake

The joy of destination shopping!

Make Sylvan Lake your holiday shopping spot

Just a few steps from the lake, there’s a pocket of unexpectedly charming stores – nestled among the streets and neighbourhoods of Sylvan Lake. It’s a shopping experience unlike anything else in Central Alberta.

The countdown to Christmas is on and there is something for everyone - from artisan finds to clothing and much more! Take the opportunity to get cozy, shop local, and connect with the Sylvan Lake community this holiday season!

“Sylvan Lake has a great family atmosphere and there is such a diverse group of businesses in town. There’s a store that will meet the criteria for everyone – families, girls and guys,” says Lisa Leschert, co-owner of Knot Just a Box.


A shop into the unusual and exciting!

Knot Just a Box is one of many local businesses that look forward to welcoming Christmas shoppers this season. For many shoppers, Sylvan Lake has become a shopping destination for unique items and finds. Locally sourced gifts abound in the community!

“We have people coming from all over the province thanks to all the activities happening down by the Pier. Specifically, we sell cottage and lake home décor. You can plan a whole day here – shop and go for dinner in Sylvan Lake, “ Lisa said.

There’s nothing better than strolling through a small Canadian town exploring local boutiques and shops. Sylvan Lake is no exception. The variety of stores makes a shopping trip to Sylvan Lake unique – you can find everything from décor, art, clothing, candy and so much more.


Explore Sylvan Lake in an exciting, sustainable way!

One of the best things about small towns are the locally owned shops. You’ll find items that simply aren’t available from big box stores. Buying locally also helps to support Canadian entrepreneurs and help build up communities through local investment.

At boutique shops, it’s an adventure. It’s not just about the great finds, it’s the people you meet along the way. Sylvan Lake entrepreneurs are a friendly bunch and personalized service is always on the menu.

“We provide very personalized service and never force a sale out of a customer. Our philosophy is if you are happy when you leave the store, you become an ambassador when someone compliments you on your outfit," said Eclectica Fashions owner Ann Cuningham.

Eclectica Fashions is one of several boutiques in Sylvan Lake where shoppers can find one-of-a-kind pieces and gifts. As a fan of boutique shopping, Ann said setting up shop in Sylvan Lake simply made sense.

“My boutique is unique in that we bring in Canadian and European lines, but we don’t overstock. So, you won’t see another person in the same outfit,” Ann said. “There are other great shops in town and if you can’t find what you are looking for, we always promote local shopping within Sylvan Lake.”


Innovative businesses offer unique finds

Stroll through Sylvan Lake’s charming downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. Peruse shops stocked with homegrown and globally inspired goods. Browse fine artworks, fashion, jewelry, and luxury items as well as the latest in décor items. You’ll also find the latest in everyday living like groceries, gifts, and speciality items.

Without a doubt, these incredible and innovative local businesses will have something unique and wonderful for you to gift your loved ones. You won’t just be making your favourite people in the world happy from your thoughtful gifts, you will be helping to keep local entrepreneurs smiling this holiday season.

No matter what you buy, if you shop local, you’re putting your money back into small communities. And that’s the best gift of all!