Business Spotlight: Wood Shed Axe Throwing

Throw that Axe

Connect with your inner lumberjack at Sylvan Lake’s Wood Shed Axe Throwing

Everyone’s Canadian journey must start somewhere. For some, it involves chugging maple syrup, making friends with a moose or searching for beavers. For the rest of us, it begins with a trip to Sylvan Lake’s Wood Shed Axe Throwing.

Hurling an axe into the air is a great way to let off steam or have a laugh with family and friends. It’s a lumberjack alternative to darts with small hand axes thrown at digital targets and real end grain wood. As Central Alberta’s original axe throwing facility, the Wood Shed offers eight lanes of axe throwing for a unique experience for anyone ages 10 and up.

“Axes and forestry are tied to the history of Sylvan Lake and it’s a great activity to try after a day on the lake, said co-owner Keri Pratt. “People say it’s one of the coolest axe throwing places they’ve ever visited.”


Tap into Sylvan Lake's forestry heritage

Wood Shed Axe Throwing taps into the area’s forestry heritage. Sylvan Lake is famous for its spring-fed waters but the word Sylvan comes from the Latin root word Silva, meaning from the woods. One of the founding fathers of Sylvan Lake was Alexander Loiselle, a logger and lumberman from Quebec

The Wood Shed plays on the lumberjack motif with everything from plaid to historical forestry decor making the Wood Shed an escape from the ordinary. Every lane is labeled with a forestry marker, giving the Wood Shed an authentic feel.

“Recreational activities for adults other than the lake or bar were lacking in our community so we opened something different and unique in 2016,” Keri said. “Axe throwing is something that brings people together.”

Woman throwing an axe

Coaches Teach the Basics of Axe Throwing

The satisfaction of sinking an axe into a wooden target is the ultimate stress relief. Coaches are on hand to guide you through the basics of throwing, so even novice throwers can sink a few axes into wood. The interactive targets include everything from the traditional bullseye, zombie hunting, to tic-tac-toe.

“Our coaches have teaching axe throwing down to a fine science and can have a group of people throwing in 10-minutes, sticking the target and having success,” Keri said. “We also have glow-in-the-dark axe throwing with 80s music on the Friday of every month.”

Along with 80s fun, you can join an adult or youth axe throwing league to hone your skills. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make a few new ones and enjoy a little competition. It’s a growing sport with the creation of the World Axe Throwing League and the annual world championships televised by ESPN.

“Over Christmas we had a company event with 35-40 people and the final came down to one employee against a supervisor. It felt like stadium with everyone cheering and booing the boss,” said co-owner Trevor Pratt.


Whether it’s a date night, bachelor party, or corporate team building event, the Wood Shed is so much cooler than another trip to the bar. The facility offers alcoholic beverages, soda, and light snacks. You can also bring your own food from any of Sylvan Lake’s fantastic restaurants.

Can’t make it to the Wood Shed? Let axe throwing come to you. The Wood Shed offers outdoor mobile axe throwing at a location of your choice. Pricing includes set up, all necessary equipment, and a coach to teach your group.

So, tap into your inner Lumberjack and try out axe throwing for a completely wild and unique Sylvan Lake experience.

So, tap into your inner Lumberjack and try out axe throwing for a completely wild and unique Sylvan Lake experience. Check out to make an online reservation or for more information.