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Business Spotlight: Next of Kiln Pottery Painting Studio

Making memories AT Next of Kiln POTTERY PAINTING STUDIO

Sylvan Lake’s Next of Kiln Pottery Painting Studio is in the business of making memories. Whether it’s with family or friends, the paint-your-own pottery studio is a place for creativity and connection.

Since opening its doors this spring, Next of Kiln has been welcoming a wide range of painters, expanding Sylvan Lake’s recreational attractions. Next of Kiln is a family run business with a home-like atmosphere.

“The dream is to help people make memories. We wanted to open an all ages offering where people can get creative indoors in all seasons,” said owner Sean McIntyre. “Sylvan Lake is known for the beach and growing up here, we love the beach. But there are only so many good beach days. There’s a lot more days you could really use something to do indoors.”

Next of Kiln Birthday Party

A great spot for connection and fun!

Next of Kiln is a family run passion project for the McIntyres whose love for Sylvan Lake spills into the studio itself. Sean, his wife, and kids all lend a hand in the studio making it a family friendly stop for visitors. As long-time Sylvan Lake residents adding to the family friendly entertainment element just made sense.

“We hope it’s an inviting and home-like atmosphere. When you come in, you get a warm greeting at the door. People are really surprised at the variety of things that you can do in here,” McIntyre said. “There are so many varieties of pieces and different ways you can decorate them. It’s really about making memories.”

Guests can enjoy some creative together-time, transforming ready-to-paint pottery pieces into their own unique works of art. Each piece is kiln-fired to a durable finish becoming everything from functional dishware, one-of-a-kind gifts, unique souvenirs to precious keepsakes.

Next of Kiln offers a large selection of unique bisque pieces, which you paint with the help of friendly staff. Next, the piece gets fired in the on-site kiln. Pick it up in seven days or have it shipped. If you can’t pick up your finished item from the studio, Next of Kiln will deliver your piece via one of their shipping partners.

Next of Kiln - Family painting

“I’d say that 80 per cent of the people walk in and say, ‘I’m not an artist.' You don’t have to be an artist because we will walk everybody through the process, step-by-step,” McIntyre said. “I love when people who say they aren’t an artist come back and see their piece. They are just wowed at what they were able to create.”

The kiln takes each painted piece and bakes them to a minimum temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius. It takes 24 hours in the kiln for the transformation to take place. McIntyre jokes that visitors do the art but behind the scenes, staff do the science. In the kiln, a chemical reaction takes place, changing the texture and appearance of each piece.

“They go into the kiln matte and almost chalky. They come out glossy and beautiful,” McIntyre said. “It’s always a surprise when we open the kiln and see the transformation that’s happened inside.”

Next of Kiln can host birthday parties, school groups, corporate groups, and many drop-in painters. The studio offers an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also order from local coffee shop Sweet Home on the Lake’s menu of sweets and drinks.

Whether it’s that new favourite mug or a souvenir with flare, you’ll leave Next of Kiln with a unique memory of your time spent in Sylvan Lake. To book a table or for more information, visit