Business Spotlight: A story and a smile at the Dairy Queen

A story and a smile at the Dairy Queen

Serving Sylvan Lake for 30 years!

There’s no better way to beat the scorching heat of a sunny summer day than by grabbing yourself a Dairy Queen ice cream. For three decades, Sylvan Lake’s Dairy Queen has been an iconic local business for visitors and locals alike. Afterall, nothing says lake life like a cool treat.

“We are celebrating 30-years in business this October,” said owner Pam Mitchell. “We are a franchise, but this has been a locally family run business and we appreciate the support of our community.”

For more than 70-years, the Dairy Queen recipe for success has been simple. It's been a combination of hardworking people who own and operate restaurants, and great-tasting food and tempting treats. The Sylvan Lake Dairy Queen is no different.

Cool treats on the hottest days are quintessential summer and Sylvan Lake’s Dairy Queen serves up sweet treats and savory selections. A smile and a story. It’s a phrase that is often shared across the entire Dairy Queen system and the Sylvan Lake DQ has plenty of stories to share.

“We speak to so many people and they always have a story about Dairy Queen that hit home today,” said Pam.

Dairy Queen at Sylvan Lake

A community Dairy Queen

For the Mitchells running a Dairy Queen has been about community. As a family run business, the Dairy Queen has welcomed local teens into the workforce with second generation employees stepping into their parents’ footsteps.

“It’s so fulfilling to see young kids start with us. My late husband and I met at a Dairy Queen and eventually we were privileged to own one,” Pam said. “It’s in our blood. Our kids, Janelle and Jayden came back after college and now manage the store. It’s truly a place with roots.”

Along with family roots, the Sylvan Lake Dairy Queen has planted seeds in the community.

The Mitchells love kids. Whether its sponsoring kids’ sports teams or welcoming teenagers on first dates, DQ and kids go hand in hand. Over the last 30-years, the Sylvan Lake DQ has supported many local sports teams, charities, and organizations in town including the CMN Hospital Foundation, with the money going to both the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Alberta Children’s Hospital.


“Supporting the community is so important to us as local business owners,” Pam said. “The Dairy Queen has been a great place for everyone to come from our regulars to visitors to the lake. People still enjoy their blizzards when it is 40 below.”

Regardless of the weather, Canadians love treats like the classic Blizzard or dipped cone. This summer, Dairy Queen is reopening the freezers and bringing back some all-time favourites for a limited time such as the Rolo Blizzard. You can also relive your childhood with the 20th anniversary of the Brownie Batter.

“We are celebrating our 30-year anniversary this October so look out for some special promotions in the fall,” Pam said. “We look forward to serving this community for another 30-years!