Stroll Through Downtown Sylvan Lake

There’s nothing better than strolling through a small Canadian town exploring local boutiques and shops. Alberta’s favourite beach town has a fascinating history, distinctive heritage buildings and unique locally owned shops with goods you might have trouble finding elsewhere. Whether you’re enjoying a lazy day at the beach in summer or skating on the lake in winter, venturing into downtown Sylvan Lake is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Quaint Boutiques and Shops

One of the best things about small towns are the locally owned shops. When you shop at a big city chain store, you know exactly what to expect. At boutique shops, it’s an adventure. You can often find things you simply can’t get at other stores. But it’s not just about the unique things you can buy, it’s about the people you meet and the personalized service you get when you shop in a small town. Supporting small business owners is satisfying and it’s fun.

Sylvan Lake’s Historical Walking Tour

The first settlers arrived in Sylvan Lake in 1899 and by 1913 there were enough people to officially establish a village. In downtown Sylvan Lake, you’ll find historic buildings dating to the municipality’s earliest years. Pick up a map at the Town of Sylvan Lake Visitor Centre and take a walk through history. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Sylvan Lake’s stone castle, located kitty corner to the post office at 5031-50A Ave.
  • The Stone House, located at 5025 46 Street.
  • Sylvan Lake’s first gas station was located at 4603 Lakeshore Drive. The Balmore Service Station and Tea Room was built on the lakefront in 1933 and is now The Big Moo Ice Cream Parlour.
  • Hazard County Bar & Grill, located at 5033 46 Street, started out as Dingwall’s Boarding House, built in 1921.