Sylvan Lake Beach

Sylvan Lake Beach

Sylvan Lake’s beachfront stretches west from the lighthouse east to 34 Street, a collection of grass park, walking trails, beach boardwalk, beachside shops, marina, boat launch, groomed picnic areas, and wilder natural areas. The diversity of spaces and ease of walking around the beachfront make it the perfect place to spend the day exploring. 


Sylvan Lake's public beach stretches down Lakeshore Drive from 52 Street to 34 Street. From one end to the other, the beach takes about an hour to walk. Paved trails, sidewalks, and the boardwalk can be found on most of the west half of the beach. Gravel trails through the trees are available on the east side of the beach. Trails are multi-use; please share the trail with others.


There are two big groomed grass parks, Centennial Park and Lakefront Park, ideal for playing a game of catch, soccer, and picnicking. Families can find two large public washroom facilities along the beach as well as picnic tables and bookable picnic shelters in Centennial Park. Along the sidewalk and in public parks, many Adirondack chairs and benches lend places to stop for a rest.


Find sandy areas near Lakeshore Drive and 50 Street. This is a great place for young families where the water is very shallow for wading. More sand can usually be found down the beach near Lakeshore Drive and 44 Street.

Sylvan Lake is popular for its shallow beachfront easy for splashing and playing. The water depth stretches out at an average 2-3 feet in depth, to about 8 feet near the swim line.

The lake is a natural area. Water and sand levels fluctuate year to year. The beach is unsupervised and no lifeguard is on duty. Be sure to keep an eye on children and swim at your own risk. 


Lakeshore Drive runs along the beach and has many drop-off zones to unload beach gear and family members before finding a parking spot. Lakeshore Drive has three large parking lots for visitor pay parking. Free parking is available along 50 Avenue, one block up from the beach.


Dogs are permitted to walk on the sidewalk along the beach but are not permitted on grass areas. Dogs must be on a leash. For off-leash areas, visit the Off-Leash Dog Park.


Be sure to head across the street to Sylvan Lake’s iconic Lakeshore Drive for ice cream, restaurant patios, beach toys, and a bite to eat! Lakeshore Drive is lined with fantastic patios for sipping, snacking, and enjoying sunset views over the lake in the evenings.