How to Spend an Epic 24-Hours in Sylvan Lake

An Unforgettable 24-Hour Itinerary

If you’ve spent any time in Sylvan Lake, you’ll know that 24-hours is simply not enough to truly unwind and soak in the lake life. But if 24-hours is all you've got - here's how to make the most of them!

Start the day with a sunrise glow

Grab yourself something caffeinated at one of Sylvan Lake’s many coffee shops and head to the lakefront for the sunrise. At this time of day, the boardwalk is often quiet, apart from a few fellow early morning walkers. Watching the sun warm up the waters of the lake, is a great way to start your day off peaceful.

FIND IT: The Sylvan Lake boardwalk runs along Lakeshore Drive with views of the water and serves as a popular walk any time of year. From 50 street to 46 street and Centennial Park, this trail is a popular spot for young and old alike. East from Centennial Park to 34 street, the trail is much quieter and more treed. This trail is paved completely.


Mid-morning paddle

Mornings are a great time to hit the water with a kayak or paddle board. Winds are often calm, and the lake is still quiet and peaceful. The birds are chirping, and the breathtaking scenery makes it easy to understand why Sylvan Lake is one of Alberta’s top paddling destinations.

Glide along early in the morning before the beach fills up and watch the wildlife put on a show from the fish jumping to the ducks diving. The lighthouse at the east end of the beach is breathtaking in the morning light.

FIND IT: Lakefront Park is a great spot to shove off from the small beach access in the area. The park is by the lighthouse at Lakeshore Drive and 51 Street. Rentals are available at The Launch and Sun Sport Recreation.


Lunch at the beach

Grab a picnic lunch or something to go at any of Sylvan Lake’s amazing restaurants. Buy a drink and some goodies and reward all your hard work today on the lake. Spread out your favourite beach blanket and soak up some sun.

Sylvan Lake has a shallow beachfront for splashing and playing. The water depth stretches out an average 2-3 feet in depth, to about 8 feet near the swim line.

FIND IT: Sylvan Lake’s beachfront stretches west from the lighthouse east to 34 Street. The lake is a natural area. Water and sand levels fluctuate year to year. The beach is unsupervised, and no lifeguard is on duty. Be sure to keep an eye on children and swim at your own risk.


An afternoon of adventure

Once you’ve achieved a healthy sun glow, plan your next hour at the Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash. The inflatable floating waterpark is the perfect spot to bounce and splash your way to an afternoon of fun.

The inflatable water park features about 130 exciting elements including a climbing tower, monkey swing bars, a 15-foot tower, wiggle bridge, swings, a trampoline, huge launch bag and more. It’s a gigantic floating fortress big enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Finish off your afternoon with a stop at Lakeside Go-karts and Mini Golf. It offers everything from an 18-hole mini golf course, go-karts, bumper cars, to kiddie karts. You can practice your golf swing and get an adrenaline rush on the go-karts all in one trip.


Enjoy a well-earned dinner

Take your pick from a plethora of amazing lakeside patios on Lakeshore Drive or any of Sylvan Lake’s restaurants around town. With over 20 different eateries to choose from, there is something for every appetite and budget.


After dinner

By now you’ve been on the go for at least 12 hours and evenings in Sylvan Lake can be magic.

Whether you head back on the lake for an evening boat ride or check out  local walks and trails, there is so much to do in Sylvan Lake.  Head to a local pub and watch one of Sylvan Lake’s iconic sunsets from the patio.

Sylvan Lake has plenty of amazing accommodation options from cute cabins to full-service hotels. Book early so  there’s more chance of getting the accommodation you want, the room with the best view or hot tub set up.

Is 24 hours in Sylvan enough?

There is so much to do in Sylvan that 24 hours can’t possibly cover it. There is no shortage of activities and attractions to try in Sylvan Lake and with accommodation to suit all styles and budgets. Whether you have a week or 24-hours, Sylvan Lake has everything you need to fall into lake life!