The BIG JIG Ice Fishing Derby & more

Pass-the-Poutine Contest | Music | Kinabik Discovery Village


COVID-19 Notice: This event is subject to Covid-19 evolving public health restrictions. Updates will be made on this page in the event of cancellation or alteration.  We're in this together. Please do your part to follow all Alberta Health guidelines and regulations. For information on Covid-19 in Alberta visit


How to Enter the Ice Fishing Derby

Spend three days fishing on Sylvan Lake for perch, walleye, whitefish, and burbot! Winner of this catch-and-release ice fishing derby for the longest catch will take home  a cash prize of $1,500!

This derby is organized online to allow for social distancing through the Angler's Atlas website and their MyCatch App. Make sure to follow all event rules and regulations and read them carefully before the derby begins.

Bring your own gear or rent from providers in town. Register now to enter the derby!

Top Prize for the Longest Catch!


Longest Burbot


Longest Whitefish


Longest Perch


Longest Walleye


$0 each day
$0 each day

Random Prize Draws
1 Day Goose Hunt with 300 Decoys (AB residents only)

Prize Value $400

Truck Box of Split Firewood

Prize Value $150

Overnight Gold Prospecting and Mining Experience

Sponsored by Threesonsolutions

Prize Value $650

2-Person Daytime Ice Fishing Shack Rental

Sponsored by the F Shack

Prize Value $75

2 x 200 Round Paintball Packages

Prize Value $70

2 x Airsoft Rental Packages

Prize Value $90

4 x 50$ Vehicle Detailing Certificates

Prize Value $200

Premium Brewery Bundle

Prize Value $85

Winter Equipment Rentals

Bring your own gear or rent from providers in town. Make sure to book as early as possible, rentals book fast! Find ice fishing shack rentals, rods, and more.


Learn-to-Fish for Beginners

Join us in the Kinabik Discovery Village for instructions and activities to learn ice fishing techniques form local pros! Activities are suited for families and beginner adults who are curious about how to ice fish. Learn skills and try a few hands-on activities.

Registration is required.

Register here


 Did you know?

This weekend only is an Alberta Family Fishing Weekend Feb 13-15, 2021!

That means that the province waives the usual requirement for fishers to have a fishing license, this weekend only! Its a great time for those new to the sport to give it a whirl, no license required!


Pass-the Poutine Contest

Be the Judge of the Best Poutine in Town!

It doesn't get more Canadian than poutine! Head back into town to try some of the best poutines on offer at Sylvan Lake restaurants. There's nothing like fries and gravy to warm up after a day out on the ice.

This contest will see local restaurants pull out their most creative versions of deliciousness-on-top-of-fries in appetizer sized portions. Save some room to try them all! Is there anything that wouldn't taste great matched with fries and gravy?

More coming soon!


Dill Pickle Poutine //

Hockey Central Sports Lounge

A delicious combination of salty and savory. With house made ingredients.


Braised Short Rib Poutine //

Roundabout Eatery

Mouthwatering short rib - you'll be asking for more!


The Rod Father //


A half sized halibut fish and chips poutine with a dollop of tartar and a twist of fresh lemon.


Kinabik Discovery Village

Discover Learn-to-Fish for Beginners and Indigenous Peoples Heritage

About the Kinabik Village

Originally named Snake Lake by settlers in the area upon arriving in 1899 for the many garter snakes in the area, Sylvan Lake was also known by the Cree word Kinabik (or kinepik). It was renamed in 1903 to the current Sylvan Lake, from the latin word sylvanus meaning "of a forest" for the many trees that surround the lake. 

The Kinabik Discovery Village will be the site for Indigenous cultural teachings as well as Learn-to-Fish for Beginners.

  • Sylvan Lake Pier, located at Lakeshore Drive and 50 street
  • Sat & Sun 10am - 3pm
  • Mon 10am - 1pm

Indigenous Cultural Teachings

Join us at the Kinabik Discovery Village to learn the stories of the Tipi! How they are created and what they symbolize from local Indigenous group Pow Wow Times. Teachings of indigenous handicraft, winter food preparation, and knowledge of cultural life will be shared. 

Capacity will be managed for this activity to ensure social distancing at all times.

And Even More Winter Fun

Better bundle up! You won't want to miss it

Lake Skating Rinks

Three ice rinks on the natural lake ice! Bring you own skates and loop around the Rink Tree or bring your stick for the hockey rinks! Benches and parking available on-ice. Lakeshore Drive


Winter Village

Over 300,000 glittering lights go into the annual winter village! Nightly from 5-11pm, plus don't miss this year's addition of color-changing lighting on the Lake Skating Rinks. Sylvan Lake Pier at Lakeshore Drive and 50 street


Sleigh Rides

Valentines Day sleigh rides! Trot along the lake front in a private sleigh ride! Noon-8pm on February 14. $25 per cohort group. Pre-registration required. 


Ice Slide

Our biggest ice slide yet! Made by the Ice on Whyte team, our ice slide is back and bigger than ever for 2021! The kids and kids-at-heart are sure to love it! Located at the Lake Skating Rink site


COVID-19 Notice: You are responsible for following all Covid-19 safety guidelines and regulations as set out by the Government of Alberta. Fish and Wildlife Officers will be monitoring the area. For more information on Covid-19 regulations, please visit