Try a Mystery Towns Clue Solving Adventure

Try a Mystery Towns Adventure!

Discover Sylvan Lake with an interactive adventure you’ll never forget

There’s a totally new way to explore Sylvan Lake but you’ll need your sleuthing skills and a sense of adventure for ithe journey! Mystery Towns by Clue Solvers offer the fun of a scavenger hunt, the challenge of an outdoor escape room, and the excitement of an amazing race.

“It’s a totally different and fun way to get out and explore the town and have a lot of fun,” said Andrew Nickerson, Creator of Mystery Town tours. “Whether you are a visitor wanting to discover Sylvan Lake for the first time or someone whose lived their whole lives here, it’s a great experience."

Experience the sights and sounds of Sylvan Lake in a clue-solving walking adventure – you will discover the history, art, great shopping, dining and other hidden secrets.


Grab your friends, family or coworkers and follow clues throughout town, receiving information via phone and replying with your answers to the mysteries presented throughout the day. It takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours of adventuring around Sylvan Lake.

The game stretches up to six kilometres from the starting point, which players can travel by foot or by bike. You can enjoy the tour at your own pace or track your score and race the leaderboard to become record-setting champions.

To start the game, send your booking number by text or App and you will receive your introduction messages. Players start the adventure by downloading the Mystery Towns App on a phone and inputting all the information as instructed. You’ll receive a background story and a series of clues leading you through a unique Sylvan Lake adventure. Players submit the right answer to receive the next clue or a penalty for the wrong answer.

“The game is completely flexible and can be played with two to five people. We even have a core group that visit different cities just to play the game,” Nickerson said.

Clue Solvers are available in 10 different cities in Western Canada such as Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Kananaskis, Banff and more. Local knowledge is not required to play.

For more information, visit start your unique Sylvan Lake adventure today.


The Sylvan Lake Mystery Towns Challenge

It was previously believed that after the first world war, the Sylvan Lake Regatta didn't restart until 1923. However, details have been emerging that there was in fact a great regatta in 1921 that was a sight to behold, with 23 boats fighting to take the grand prize in what may have been the greatest race ever! Alas, the detailed records of the event have been scattered around town along with the names of the boats and of the grand prize winner themselves.

A local historian has charged you with finding all of the information so that they can prepare a big news story for the centenary of the race - the question is, are you up to the task of solving the clues to get there?