Maximize your Mondays: 4 Reasons to visit Sylvan Lake midweek

Maximize your Mondays

4 Reasons to visit Sylvan Lake midweek

Stop dreading Mondays and shift your week to make the most of a trip to Sylvan Lake. With just a little tweak to your week, you can enjoy the quieter side of Sylvan Lake, Monday through Thursday.

1. Peace and Tranquility

Leave the crowds behind and take a midweek trip to enjoy the Lake. Grab a drink at one of Sylvan’s many amazing coffee shops and watch the sunrise while strolling along the lakefront. The local walking trails and rinks are less congested and the lineup at Sylvan’s iconic ice slide isn’t long. You might even find yourself skating solo on one of the community’s ice skating rinks.

Sylvan Lake’s Winter Village wraps the pier in over 300,000 twinkling lights each year from December to March. When the sun dips below the horizon, instead of cozying up with Netflix, grab your loved ones and take a quiet Wednesday-night stroll. Let the Winter Village inspire your photos with its lit archways, twinkle lights, and cozy bonfires.


2. Activity Adventures

From snow shoeing to ice fishing, beat the crowds and enjoy mid-week activities at Sylvan Lake. Winter options include everything from world-class lake skating to fat tire biking. Many of Sylvan’s ice fishing shack rentals offer midweek rates and a lot of tranquility. Less crowds could equal more fish on your line!

Grab your skates and beat the crowds. There are three ice rinks to choose from off Lakeshore Drive for a quiet skate or a rowdy game of shinny. Free parking is a breeze midweek and the views across the lake are endless. Visit Sunsport Recreation to rent winter sports equipment. You can rent snowshoes, hiking poles, ice fishing gear and ice fishing huts.

One of the best times to visit the Sylvan Lake Ice Slide is midweek. Bring the kids and check out the giant ice slide constructed near the beach. Make like a penguin and enjoy this Instagram paradise that is fun for all ages.


3. Dining Experiences

Getting a reservation at any of Sylvan Lake’s amazing restaurants is simple – especially midweek. With over 20 different eateries to choose from, there is something for every appetite and budget. If you’re looking for small bites, check out one of Sylvan’s coffee shops and skip the weekend lineups.


4. Added Value

Accommodation rates are lower midweek, and you might also find deals on ice fishing shack rentals too. With midweek bookings, there’s more chance of getting the accommodation you want, the room with the best view or hot tub set up.

Shift your week. Work remotely and enjoy the quiet side of Sylvan Lake. Make the most of midweek at the lake!