Enjoy an Steam Bath!

Historically, steam baths in Sylvan Lake have started in 1902. Sylvester Saha immigrated to Canada from Finland in the spring of 1902, and built a house near Sylvan Lake, then known as Snake Lake, next to his brother’s home. In order to have some of the traditional comforts of his home country, Sylvester built a sauna for his family.

Sylvan Lake Spa

After red-hot stones of the bathing room’s fireplace were doused with water, bathers would enter into temperatures as high as 100 degrees Celsius on the higher platforms, or sit on benches and sweat for an hour or more. The sauna was donated to Heritage Park in 1985 by owners of the land previously belonging to the Saha family

Steam-bath and Spa Sylvan Lake

Take in a steam experience at Sylvan Steam & Spa and enjoy a moment of Sylvan Lake’s story!

$17.50 per person, $40 for a couple experience or $45 for a family of 4 for an hour.