Business Spotlight: The story of White Frog Café

Step into the story of White Frog Café

From farm to coffee cup - the most sustainable java in town

White Frog Café is one of the most unique coffee stops in Sylvan Lake with a farm to brew approach to their beans. Owners Kelly McMillan and Ronald Contreras literally have a hand in every step of the process from beans grown on their farm to roasting them in house. The proof is in your cup!


Direct from Colombia to Sylvan Lake

“Coffee has been in my husband’s family for over 100 years, and we own a one-hectare plot of land in Colombia with over 5,000 coffee plants,” McMillan said. “We plant amongst the old growth trees, which provide shade for the coffee plants.”

The farm is in the province of Boyaca in the municipality of Chinavita, Colombia and what started as a small coffee project has ballooned into the White Frog Café. It’s a family business that includes neighbouring coffee farms, giving White Frog access to 10,000 pounds of coffee annually.

Both McMillan and Contreras believe that farmers deserve to benefit from premium beans being sold in Canada. So White Frog went beyond fair trade, starting their own certification dubbed the “Fair Paid.”

“Any coffee that we bring to Canada from Colombia, we give the farmer of that coffee $.25 per pound to be invested back into their farm. Ronald is so passionate about helping the other farmers in his area. They are our family, our friends and our neighbors,” McMillan said.


Stone House location iconic

From growing the beans to roasting onsite, ordering a drink at White Frog Café is like entering a story. You can even support the rejuvenation of a tropical forest in Columbia by purchasing a tree for the White Frog coffee forest. With the purchase of a tree, 25 per cent of the price is also donated to a local Canadian charity.

Our beans were recently given premium grade,” McMillan said. “People love our coffee and we have loyal customers that promote it for us. We are so thankful to get a lot of support from the community.”

White Frog Cafe is based out of one of Sylvan Lake’s most iconic buildings, the Stone House built in 1913, the year the town of Sylvan Lake was founded. Each stone was hand-picked on the shores of the lake, half a block away.

“Sylvan Lake is a beautiful spot and a wonderful town for visitors and residents alike. We are so lucky to purchase the stone house and we have a great outdoor green space,” McMillan said.

The White Frog recently bought a new coffee roaster to be installed in the next few weeks. The public can now sip on a latte and watch a fresh batch of beans hit the roaster.


Book your White Frog Micro Wedding

Along with coffee, the café features gifts, and baked items. This summer the White Frog has a new venture - micro-weddings. McMillan is a certified marriage commissioner offering small intimate weddings in the Stone House outdoor space.

“We are doing small micro weddings in our outdoor green space. It’s a great alternative and something unique,” McMillan said.

White Frog Café is a must do in Sylvan Lake. From farm to table, your coffee is a step into a beautiful story that begins on the family’s farm in Columbia and ends on the shores of Sylvan Lake.

FIND IT: White Frog Cafe is located at 5025 46th Street. For more information, visit