Beachside Patios

Beachside Patios

Nowhere does patio weather like Sylvan Lake, and Lakeshore Drive is the perfect place for it! Unbelieveable views of the sunset in the evenings and beachside dining during the day. These are spots you have to check out!

Lakeshore Cafe

New in 2021, Lakeshore Cafe has an adorable outdoor deck to sip specialty drinks and enjoy some freshly baked goodies. Check this spot out for cupcakes and more!

Sweet Home on the Lake Cafe

This clothing store has a huge balcony café overlooking the bay. It's a great stop for specialty drinks and baking, as well as to browse apparel and home goods.

The Fireside

A local favourite for great food and generous portions. Family-friendly for everybody. Check out their rooftop patio for views over the main part of the beach and Pier. The perfect spot to watch the sunset or annual fireworks!


Buk Wildz

The entire building is covered in a detailed hand-painted mural of the four seasons in Sylvan Lake. Buk Wildz specializes in unique dishes and game meat and is a popular cocktail spot.

Doe's Pizza

The biggest patio on the lake is at Doe's Pizza! This neat joint specializes in handmade pizza and made-to-order Caesars. The restaurant owner is two-time champ of Canada's Best Ceasar! Take a peek out back for open air pavilion and outdoor fireplaces.


Chief's Pub and Eatery

A longtime local watering hole, Chief's is a popular spot for drinks on their raised outdoor patio deck. Serving beachside pub favorites with a view!

The Driftwood

A fully glassed in patio gives sweeping views of the beachfront. Check out their fun daytime tiki vibe and after hours DJ tunes. Fun summer cocktails are a staple at the Driftwood!


Sun of a Beach

All about summer vibes, SOB is the place for novelty cocktails or mocktails, fresh contemporary décor, and a lively atmosphere. Let their chef whip up summer favourites for the whole family and good mood food.

Other Spots on Lakeshore

Be sure to stop in at the Big Moo or More Moo for a special scoop. So many flavours to choose from!

King Donair is some of the best donairs in town and makes perfect takeout for the beach.

Subway is a familiar favourite for eat-in or to-go sandwiches located right in the heart of Lakeshore Drive.

Plus, don't forget to venture down the side streets at 50 Street and 46 Street for other great choices.